Revised Managed Code Access Agreement

We are happy to allow end users to alter your website, we just need an understanding about our services once files/data is altered.

Once websites are developed and paid in full, the client (your company) maintains the rights to the code and database.  Up until the signing of this agreement, Crucial Agency is responsible for keeping the website online, updated, and fully functional. By allowing code and database access without supervision, Crucial Agency is not able to monitor changes to the website content, it’s underlying code, or database structure.  Any changes made by other developers or client staff may not be able to be maintained.  Maintenance moving forward will be on a best-effort basis and no guarantee can be made regarding uptime or function.  If the website is adversely affected by coding changes outside of Crucial Agency staff, it will be billed at $120.00/hr.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once I sign this agreement, will Crucial Agency stop maintaining my website?

    Maintenance will continue on a “best-effort” basis as long as it makes reasonable business sense to do so.  Backups may be necessary if there are extensive issues with the code or database structure.  In these scenarios any recent changes to the website may be overwritten in an effort to bring the site back online.

    If I provide access to someone and they adversely affect my website, does Crucial Agency fix it?

    We will do our best to fix any code or database structure that has been adversely altered. The client would be invoiced $120.00/hr for the repairs billed in quarter hour increments based on the Revised Managed Code Access Agreement.

    Will Crucial Agency know when my website no longer functions?

    We use both internal and external services to check whether a website is online, we are notified within minutes if a website or server is offline.  It should be noted that there are many scenarios where a website does not function as intended but is technically online.  We cannot automatically monitor for these situations and therefore if you notice you have adversely affected a website and cannot resolve it yourself, reach out to us using a call, email, or ticket so we can react to the situation as quickly as possible.